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Hammerspace I -> Wardrobe Manip I -> Wardrobe Manip II -> Liminal Template -> Liminal Healing (?) -> Liminal Masque

Sensory Livestreaming -> Sensory Eavesdropping -> Psychic Detection I -> Intrusion Trace
Psychic Protection I
Telepathic Power -> Image Projection I -> Image Projection II -> Psychic Interference
Network Archive Retrieval -> Memory Sharing
Investigator Mind Reading

Mem Share + Inv Mind Read -> Memory Restoration | Memory Immersion
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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Matt
AGE: 27
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] atrypical
CONTACT: AIM: demony0uko, [ profile] atrypical, or PM
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: Jun Ushiro, Casper LeBlanc Jr.

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Naoya
CANON: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
POINT IN CANON: Day 7, Amane Route
AGE: 24
APPEARANCE: Artbook scans, because everywhere else seems to link to Photobucket.
CANON HISTORY: Wikipedia's very very brief summary. The series wiki's actually okay on this one. Somewhat.
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"This is Naoya. Leave a message."
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• A laptop from home (From Jirachi event, 2015)
• A picture of Abel (From Mewssingno event, 2015)
• A dangochu (From Botan, Christmas 2015)
• A scrapbook/journal with brain teasers and a list of strange events from the past year (From Killua, Christmas 2015)

• Reusable TM (tbd)
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So this is something I've never experienced.

I've woken up in someone else's room, with someone else's Pokemon, with someone else's body. Someone please tell me this isn't just me that's having an issue. That would be unfortunate.

I also am entirely unable to talk. So that's an issue.

Also before some prankster suggests it - no, I am not going to go on a spending spree with someone else's money. And if any of you have similar situations, I suggest not doing that either lest the original owner of that body comes by to smack you upside the head with a psychic cat or something.
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[The video opens on a young boy, maybe twelve or so, digging in the dirt in a park in Goldenrod. He's got on loose pants but no shirt, and his skin is tanned. He's also got messy brown hair, like he's never heard of a hairbrush.]

[He hasn't, they weren't invented yet.]

[He seems intent on what he's doing, other than muttering slightly.]

The ground here is strange... where are my tools? Mother... Father... Abel...

[The camera turns, revealing a very concerned-looking Gardevoir.]

He's been like this all morning. I... I'm fairly sure this is my trainer, but he looks very different. He doesn't recognize me, and it was hard enough to convince him I wasn't a 'demon' and that he should wear pants.

Can... can anyone help me? I'm not sure how to handle this on my own...

[[ooc; Anyone who wants to encounter them, they're in a park in Goldenrod!]]
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[So Naoya just wanted a walk. Just a peaceful walk, nothing to get worked up over.]

[Yeah. Not today. The Pokegear's video clicks on, and shows Naoya currently in a fight with... a Mareep, apparently. There's a small box that seemed to have contained something previously, and by what Naoya is shouting it seems like the Mareep ate it.]

... no respect for the property of others, you horrible animal. I've never liked you!

[A Psychic-type voice floats through the Pokegear, sounding very tired and a little afraid.]

He's been like this all day, and then this Mareep set him off... can someone please come and help us? I can't drag my Trainer back into the city by myself...

[The video clicks off.]
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[Today's video finds Naoya sitting and drinking a cup of coffee. He's bundled up in a green sweater, and he looks fairly amused.]

I thought I'd tell you a story today, for those of you who care to listen. This is a story about the Norse gods, and mistletoe. Let me define a fe things before I begin, for those of you who do not know those terms.

Definitions are under here so this post isn't horribly long. )

Now, on to our story. One day, the queen of the gods, Frigga, had a dream about her son Baldur - the god of light - dying horribly. Baldur had the same dream, and Frigga set out to see that it didn't happen. She traveled all the realms, making each and every object swear that it would never harm Baldur. Every object swore an oath - except for mistletoe, because Frigga thought it too young and unimportant to swear an oath.

The gods heard of all of the oaths sworn, and played a game where they threw things at Baldur and watched them bounce off. However Loki, god of fire and mischief, heard of this, and found out that mistletoe had not sworn that oath. He took mistletoe and made an arrow of it, and handed it to Baldur's brother, the blind god Hod. Hod threw the arrow at Baldur, which killed him.

Frigga went to Hel, the mistress of the dead, and pleaded for her son back. Hel agreed, on the condition that every living thing in the world weep for Baldur. She went to every living thing and begged for them to weep, and all did - except one. That was the giantess Thokk, and because she would not weep, Baldur did not come back to life.

[He takes a sip of his coffee, before speaking again.]

It's unclear whether Thokk was Loki in disguise or not. Certainly, he'd never tell one way or the other, god of mischief that he is. The fact remains that, though many see mistletoe as a symbol of love, it's in fact the reminder of a dead god.

... Though said god did reappear recently, though that's a story for another time.

I hope you all learned something today.

[Aaand the video clicks off.]
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[Naoya today is sporting a lovely bandaged hand, looking somewhat amused. He really does not know what the hell happened, but...]

Maybe we should start categorizing these things that we find. I ran into something that... I think you all might be amused by.

[He attaches a picture, and grins.]

I don't really know what it is, but it looks hysterical. It attacked me, of course, but it was still amazing.
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Atsuro Kihara has left this world. If you have received any of his Pokemon, I would like to know.

It's strange. Four years isn't a very long time, but for a lot of people that's a significant chunk of their lives. At least this place offers a kind of peace even in its chaos that some people can find.

And training Pokemon isn't that different of a skill from training demons in some ways.

In any case I thought people should be informed, given how long he's been here. I'm sure he had friends who would want to know.
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[All that can be seen at first is a big pink eye, before the Pokemon holding the Gear pulls back and reveals itself to be an Espurr. The camera is pointed at the ceiling, but as the Espurr paws at the screen, an argument is plainly audible off-camera.]

[Or... half of one, at least. Naoya sounds very angry, but the other voice isn't audible.]

I told you, no. I don't think that's a good idea.

[There's a pause as a response comes, and then there's the sound of a fist slamming on a table.]

I said no. You will listen to me. I am the one in charge here. Don't -

[There's a frustrated 'Voir!', and Naoya practically growls.]

It won't end well. You know why. I've explained this to you! I'll look for another solution. There are many Pokemon who can -

[He stops talking, and when he speaks again his voice is quieter and more controlled.]

I'd have to rotate Pokemon to prevent them from getting sick from it. It's not worth it.

[... There's silence, and then Naoya sighs. The Espurr mewls, and a Gardevoir leans down to pick her up. She blinks in surprise at the camera, and reaches out to turn it off.]
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[Normally Naoya wouldn't bother with a post like this, but he's at his wit's end. He's done his best to try to solve it himself, but it's not working... so it's a rather frazzled-looking Naoya who appears on the screen, barely holding on to a very frightened-looking Ralts.]

[The Ralts in question is making tiny squeaking noises and looks like she wants to cry and hide rather than be anywhere in the area. Any Pokémon watching can probably hear her squeaking 'he is a bad and scary man'.]

Most of my Pokémon are rather well behaved. This one, however... doesn't seem to want to be anywhere near me. I haven't done anything to scare her. She just hatched a few days ago.

Has anyone else had problems with a Ralts that... doesn't seem to like them?

[He just... turns the video off. He'll put her back in her Pokeball now because... he doesn't know what else to do.]
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Here's a question for you all. It's something that I read a while back, and I'm interested in your answers. Anonymous is fine, if you want.

There are five patients in a hospital. All of them are dying due to complications with various organs. All of them will die within the next day or so if they don't get an organ transplant. Magic won't save any of them, incidentally, if you were hoping to use that.

A young backpacker comes into the hospital or a checkup. He has no relatives, and he is in excellent health. As it happens, you, the surgeon on duty, notice that he is a perfect match for all five of the patients.

Assuming the backpacker does not give consent, is it morally permissible to cut him up and transfer the organs to the other patients? These are not organs that the backpacker can live without, so he'll die if you do.

I'm interested to hear what you think.
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[The video opens with a young man in green standing with New Bark Town in the background. There's a Spiritomb next to him, as evidenced by the top of its head poking into view.]

Aha. There we are. Now, I'm to assume I've been... pulled into the world of Pokemon?

[He knows what they are at least. He's not blind to pop culture, after all.]

Interesting. Though I hope they don't expect me to go after all of the badges. I don't exactly have any interest in that sort of thing. And this creature... well, he looks handy but I don't expect him to be a powerhouse.

[The Spiritomb puffs up a bit. Hey!]

... Insubstantial creatures usually aren't. In any case, I'm wondering what my options are. If anyone more... experienced here has any suggestions, feel free to make them.

[He clicks the video off.]


[And for those in the area of New Bark Town, Naoya is wandering around with his Spiritomb following him. The two of them don't seem to be talking, and he's not pausing to look every few seconds like a tourist, but just by the area he's in he's pretty clearly new.]
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Name: Matt
Personal Journal: [personal profile] atrypical
E-mail: artemiswolfang at gmail dot com
AIM/Plurk/Etc.: AIM: demony0uko; Plurk: [ profile] atrypical
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Route: Royce Bracket, Tobias, Mitsuzane Kureshima

Name: Naoya
Series: Devil Survivor
Timeline: After his fight on Day 7, Amane route
Canon Resource Links: Naoya on the Megaten wiki
Devil Survivor on the Megaten wiki
Devil Survivor Overclocked (the remake) on the Megaten wiki

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